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I am a random geeky chick who enjoys the illusion of anonymity. Do I have a dark secret to hide? Nope, I simply prefer that potential employers not read my blog!

I have a B.S. in Computer Science and currently work as a computer programmer (or software engineer if I'm feeling pompous) which should explain the rampant abuse of bullet points. I took a technical writing course in college and the only thing that stuck with me was "people don't read long paragraphs, so bullet points for everything!"

I'm also a crazy cat lady in training. I have three cats now but have a life goal of living on a self-sufficient farm with 2  horses, a goat, a small herd of cattle, hens, a working dog and a barn full of rescued cats. I will also have a bunker and reserves for the inevitable zombie apocalypse (or just the next financial meltdown).

After becoming very ill and then turning things around, people started telling me that I no longer looked like the walking dead and wanted to know what was different. Oh the tactfulness of family and coworkers! Since I had a lot to say and much of the information didn't fit well into a dinner conversation, I decided to create a website to explain my take on what went wrong and how I fixed it.

From there my "quick little site" grew into a time-consuming hobby of listening to podcasts, following dozens of blogs, reading scientific studies and now a blog of my own. I am not preaching "the one way" or anything, just sharing my experiences and layperson's understanding of the science.

Please note that I am not a doctor! Please read the disclaimer and don't sue me!

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